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About Starlight Pharmacy 

Delivery Service

Welcome to StarLight Pharmacy– your reliable wholesale partner for pharmaceuticals related to the aesthetic industry. We supply our clients with high-quality products at an affordable price which makes us one of the leading companies on the market.

We are proud of being a highly-experienced company that always keeps up to date thus providing the most popular and best selling pharmaceuticals available on the market.

Our mission & vision
We always aspire to provide excellent products at the best price available. With many years of experience providing top products for aesthetic industry, Major Medical Solutions understands the demands of our customers and will be proactive in providing you with the tools necessary for success.

Our vision is to be the preferred supplier of aesthetic products, be the price leader and have an eminent service level.

Our greatest values are honesty, competitive prices, trustworthiness, loyalty, fast delivery and to give our customers the best possible personal service.

Our company is confident of our reliable and qualified staff whose goal is to make your purchase experience pleasant and effective. We hire professionals who understand that customer care is of utmost importance to us. For any consultation or questions about our products, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are a customer oriented company and welcome any questions you may have.


Shipping & Returns


DAMAGE ITEMS : ​We will replace any item if something goes wrong during shipment. Such complains should be filed in to jab health limited two weeks upon arrival. After two weeks no complains shall be admitted. 


If our customer is not satisfied with the products shipped. Jab health limited guarantees a 90 days money back if only our customer denies a replacement and can provide valid picture proof of products’ rejection reasons or our customer is willing to return the said products and cover the returns shipment cost.


We ship from our warehouses every business day of the week. We carry out same day processing and shipping

We offer fast shipping from same day delivery to 5-7 days max . Our warehouses are networked to achieve very fast delivery times.


​Our products have high levels of quality that result in greater customer satisfaction, while at the same time supporting lower cost and high customer perceived value that enables businesses who buy from us price competitively and make good profits.

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