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Buy Jintropin-HGH (200 IU kit)

Jintropin is a very popular brand of biosynthetic human growth hormone. It is especially popular among those who use somatropin for purposes other than those for it was approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Some use the product to build muscle mass while some others use it in the hope of slowing down their aging clock. Are you currently thinking of buying and using this HGH brand for some reason? It will definitely interest you to find out if it is of any good. You are likely to be interested to know if Jintropin is safe to use as well. We have put together all you need to know about this product here.


Buy Jintropin Online

Considered a leader in the market, Jintropin is a brand of synthetic growth hormone (somatropin). It is made up of 191 amino acids like several other top brands in the market, such as Norditropin, Humatrope and Hypertropin. The protein-based hormone is virtually an exact replica of the substance that is produced by the pituitary gland in the head. It is indicated for people suffering from low amount of growth hormone in their body. Being a highly pure product, it ranks among the topmost freeze dried powdered HGH you can find on the market.


Jintropin is produced by GeneScience Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd (GenSci), a Chinese company first founded in 1996. The product was developed by Dr. Lei Jin, after whom it is named, through the use of . It was created through a metabolic process of the bacteria E. coli. Somatropin secreted by these genetically modified bacteria is isolated and freeze dried. The freeze drying helps to keep the fragile substance in stable enough state until needed for use.


At a time, this rDNA HGH brand was the only one produced in China. It still remains the runaway market leader in that country. GenSci is Asia’s largest manufacturer of biosynthetic HGH, with a production facility covering several thousands of square meters.


What is Jintropin indicated for?

Jintropin is recommended for those people suffering from very low levels of human growth hormone. This means it is an alternative to several other top brands approved by the FDA for combating HGH deficiency in the body. It is indicated for children and adolescence that are having growth issues. AIDS patients can also use the synthetic HGH to prevent muscle wasting. It is indicated for those who have severe burns or are recovering from a major surgical procedure.


Since it is real growth hormone, Jintropin may help reduce body fat as well as improve bone density, exercise capacity and muscle mass. It could also be useful in fighting age-related cognitive decline and learning impairment, according to an animal study published in the journal Neuroscience in 2004.


Recreational users’ favorite

It is arguable however that Jintropin is more popularly used for recreational or off-label purposes. Bodybuilders make up the leading group of those who use it for purposes other than the synthetic HGH uses approved by the U.S. FDA. You may wonder why this is so. There are several reasons. Jintropin, like several other somatropin brands, is known to help build lean muscle mass. The polypeptide substance is believed to be the only one that can bring about hyperplasia. While regular anabolic steroids can cause your existing muscle cells to be become larger, HGH can not only do the same, but also build more muscle cells.


How is Jintropin used?

Like other somatropin brands, Jintropin is administered through injections. It is usually made available in form of lyophilized powder, which must be reconstituted. You should be wary of any supposed “real” HGH that does not come in this form. Bacteriostatic water is ideally used for reconstituting Jintropin if you intend keeping it for longer to prevent harmful bacteria growth. The dosage to follow will depend on what purpose you are using the synthetic HGH. You should store Jintropin at a temperature not exceeding 45 degrees Celsius to avoid destabilizing its molecular composition. Reconstituted product should be kept in a refrigerator.

Buy Jintropin-HGH (200 IU kit)

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  • Buy Jintropin-HGH (200 IU kit)

    Legal issues and controversies

    A series of event around 2007 brought the production of Jintropin to temporary halt. Media attention was centered on its manufacturer after prominent actor Sylvester Stallone was caught with the product by customs authorities in Australia. GeneScience and its CEO were also slammed with smuggling charges by authorities in the US. This must have contributed to the decision of the Chinese government to temporarily revoke the company’s license. However, normal operations have since resumed.

    GeneScience and Jin had been indicted in September 2007 by a federal grand jury in the U.S. They were hit with smuggling charges for supposedly importing illegal HGH under the brand name “Jintropin” into the country. Earlier that year, the Chinese pharmaceutical company had reportedly stated on its website that its growth hormone product was not intended for sale outside its home country. As of today, Jintropin is banned in America. HGH sale is strictly regulated in the U.S. and a doctor’s prescription is required. But a good number of people are still able to get it without prescription. Jintropin is arguably the easiest biosynthetic hormone to access for recreational uses on the black market. Underground sale of Jintropin constitutes a risk, though. Since this is considered an extremely potent product, it has numerous adulterated versions. It is even thought that majority of the somatropin brand units available on the market today are counterfeits.

    Does Jintropin work?

    There are numerous positive reviews online on the effectiveness of Jintropin, although it is possible that some of these are exaggerated. But the product has been noted to be very pure, which enhances its effectiveness and safety. It is better than products with 192 amino acid sequence thought capable of causing antibodies to rise in your body. Jintropin ranks among the purest biosynthetic hormone products you can buy. Most of the positive reviews of this somatropin brand are from the bodybuilding circle. This may be taken to mean this one is especially for you if your interest in HGH is for building muscle mass.

    As effective as Jintropin is claimed to be, there are still those who have complained about its ineffectiveness. They said it produced no benefits at all. But it is possible that counterfeit products were bought and used by those who make these complaints. It is known that original Jintropin is manufactured in China, but manufacturers in Russia, Mexico and some other countries are believed to sell it. Some of these products have no labels on them. So you are going to need to be very cautious when making your purchase.

    Jintropin Risks And Side Effects

    The use of synthetic growth hormone, especially when not properly supervised, may produce side effects. The fact that Jintropin is mostly sold on the black market raises the risk of side effects. It increases the likelihood of ending up with unsafe or contaminated products. Side effects that may be experienced from improper HGH usage or use of counterfeits include:

    • Swelling in the arms and legs (as a result of fluid retention)
    • Excessive or abnormal growth (acromegaly)
    • Carpal tunnel syndrome
    • “Baby” naps in the afternoons
    • Joint pain (arthralgia)
    • Enlargement of mammary glands in males (gynecomastia)
    • Promotion of tumor growth
    • Diabetes
    • Hypertension

    Jintropin may raise the risk of a person developing cancer. If you are a healthy person using it, you risk a pituitary gland shutdown, such that your body will have to rely entirely on synthetic hormone. The highly potent nature of this somatropin brand also increases the possibility of severe damage to your body if not properly used.

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