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Hypertropin 120IU Kit - 10 Vials of 12IU Growth Hormone comes in 12IU vials of lyophilized powder for injection, it is constituted with plain sterile water. The injection is done into the muscle or under the skin and the dosage depends on the purpose. It is very popular for recreational users who normally take 8-16IU daily for injuries and very severe burns, 4IU/day for weight loss or body building and 2IU/day for the ant aging purposes.


Hypertropin is mainly indicated for the following:

-Treatment of rheumatoid arthritis in children
-Renal disease in children causing improper growth
-Deficiency of growth hormone in adults
-Osteoporosis treatment
-Muscle wasting coming with various illness
-Short bowel syndrome which causes growth problems
-Deficiency of GH or child onset
-Prader Willi syndrome causing short stature
-Body building, weight loss and anti aging


Mixing and Dosing Instructions

Strictly full instructions should be followed to the later in mixing and dosing for the HGH. For injection, 1ml of sterile, saline or bacteriostatic water is reconstituted with 12IU vial of hypertropin. The most recommended water in this case is plain sterile water. Insulin type syringe of 100 marks on the side with 1ml of water is injected into the powder vial which is freeze dried. This water is let into the powder slowly and should not be injected into it by force. In this process most of the powder will dissolve and some few lumps will remain but do not shake the vial instead leave it in the fridge for about 20 to 30 minutes and all the powder will dissolve completely. After dissolving, rotate the vial between your fingers gently and do not at any time shake the vial and the mixture can therefore be injected. The vials are always under a vacuum, before getting the Mixture out, you must get rid of the vacuum in whatever way. To get rid of the vacuum, get another syringe which is fresh and pull air into it and then inject it to the vial mixture, it clear out the vacuum. The dosage lies squarely on the purpose and different measurements can be used for different purposes. When taking more than 2IU per day it is better to split the dosage with equal hourly intervals of the day to avoid taking them within very close time span or very long.


Storage of HGH Hypertropin 

Somatropin is very sensitive and reacts very fast to high temperatures and when shaken vigorously. The freeze dried powder vials and the liquid mixture of hypertropin should at all time be refrigerated and not at all frozen. This is because when in dried freeze form, it can withstand any damage either from shaking or too much heat. But in case of any movement the powder can withstand up to 8 weeks at room temperature and in very high temperatures up to 10 days maximum.


Desirable effects of Hypertropin HGH:

  • higher energy levels
  • improved blood pressure
  • faster tissue regeneration
  • faster growth of hair and nails
  • faster recovery after severe burns or injuries
  • increased endurance
  • deeper sleep
  • increased muscle mass
  • smoother skin
  • improved metabolism
  • strengthened immune system
  • stronger cardiac output
  • bone density improvement
  • increased libido (sex drive)
  • lower body fat
  • faster regeneration after physical activity
  • improved cholesterol levels
  • improved sight and hearing
  • prevention of muscle wasting
  • growth in children with stunted growth
  • prevent or alleviate osteoporosis

Hypertropin 120IU Kit - 10 Vials of 12IU Growth Hormone

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