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Buy Restylane 1x1ml


Restylane is safe to inject into different areas of the face because it is a tested and trusted medical device of a top-notch quality that contains first-rate Hyaluronic Acid of a non-animal origin.

When treating nasolabial folds, a maximum of 6.0 mL should only be used. Lip volume treatment should be maximized to only 1.5 mL per lip, to ensure no extreme side effects take place. Further treatments should be booked if a greater volume of gel is required.


Restylane filler is the popular choice for enhancing lip volume, making them more beautiful to look at. The lip shape and volume play a huge role in complementing the rest of the facial features. The lips are often the most striking part of many women’s face and often the one feature people look at when you are talking to them.


What is in the box?
0,5 ml or 1ml syringe


What side effects are associated with Restylane?
Bruising and swelling can be commonly associated especially at the site of injection. However, these effects resolve within 2 days.
For patients under 36, swelling is more commonly reported, in contrast to bruising which has been reported in patients over 35.





Buy Restylane 1x1ml

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