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Buy Revisage Injections 20ml (butt + Breast)

Revisage Injections 20ml is dermal filler for buttock augmentation and breast lifting, it can offer a complete solution for buttock and breast enlargement. With buttock injections, you can measure the change in size at home with a tape measure. You bottom will be plumper, like when you have put on some weight.


REVISAGE is a dynamically developing company in the aesthetic medicine industry. We specialize in preparations for intensive rejuvenating and anti-aging therapy. We also offer medical equipment of the highest world quality. Our mission is to raise awareness of the importance of daily anti-aging prophylaxis and proper skincare. The high quality of the preparations distributed by REVISAGE has been confirmed by clinical trials and prestigious awards granted by professionals around the world.

Revisage Injections 20ml (butt + Breast)

SKU: 4333

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