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Croma Saypha Volume: Filling - Corrects creases and deep wrinkles, restores volume to the face/remodels facial contours


Former name: Princess Volume

Created by Croma Laboratories, Saypha VOLUME is a gel implant indicated for filling. It has a high concentration of hyaluronic acidand provides global skin rejuvenation effects over the long term.


Saypha VOLUME belongs to the category of Wrinkle Fillers.


Photo credits : Elle magasine

Composition of Saypha VOLUME Croma

Product WITHOUT lidocaine

Cross-linked hyaluronic acid 23 mg/mL

Cross-linked hyaluronic acid vs. non-cross-linked: 95/5

The product is injected into the deep dermal or subcutaneous layer.


Needle : 27G1/2

CE labeled 0123

Saypha VOLUME is characterised by its quality, safety and comfort.


Indications of Saypha VOLUME Croma


- Saypha VOLUME enables dermal filling: deep wrinkles

- Saypha VOLUME enables to redefine the contours of the face

- Saypha VOLUME enables an increase in lip volume (lip contour and lip volume)


Areas targeted by the Saypha FILLER treatment


- Deep wrinkles 

- Cheekbones

- Lips

- Face (wrinkles and contours)

The use of Saypha Volume is contraindicated in the following cases:

- Allergy to components in the product

- Pregnancy or nursing women

- Injection into damaged areas (infection, inflammation)


Results of an injection with Saypha Volume

- Filled wrinkles

- Enhanced Lips (volumizing effect)

- Facial volume

- Reshaped contours

- Collagen and elastin production  


Duration of the effects of the Saypha Volume injection: 6 to 9 months.

Each box contains a pre-filled syringe of 1.0 ml solution, two 27G 1/2 sterile disposable needles, instructions for use and a set of two labels with the batch number.


Saypha Croma range/ Buy Saypha Volume 1ml

Saypha Volume 1ml

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